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Mobile & Wireless Networks


We distribute Short films, Music Video’s and Feature Length Longform Video Content to wireless networks, WAP based platforms, and 4K Component systems at this time. We are constantly expanding this platform and are on the forefront of the curve of a rapidly growing mobile marketplace.




Repel Music Distribution would like to offer you a way to monetize your video content through the largest growing sector of the digital media consumer market.

Today we live in a mobile driven society that is in the midst of a surge in global video traffic on mobile devices, yet it has not even reached one third of its peak earning potential.

We offer you international distribution of your video content to to a growing international mobile video marketplace that is embedded within an industry that will see an estimated 9.5 billion mobile subscribers by the year 2017.

Mobile devices are becoming the preferred method of video consumption, and in some developing markets, they are the only method of video consumption due to the high cost of broadband cable infrastructure construction and lack thereof.

It has become apparent that the new movie theater and television are now connected to the hands of the masses and almost 1 in 5 millenials are “mobile only” digital users.




We charge no up front fees for qualifying Film Companies and Video Distribution Companies. We are always looking for content and will also take single titles from independent filmmakers. If you manage quality content, we will consider a business model with you that is based on a revenue share in which we will take a small but reasonable percentage.

We would like to open up a revenue stream for you whether you are an independent filmmaker or an established movie company that may be working with existing distributors who are not capable of penetrating the mobile market.

You will merely be licensing us the right to distribute the content you manage, therefore all copyright and ownership of the video content delivered under this agreement will remain yours.

It is our intention to help you achieve as much growth as possible so you will be allowed to upload as much content as you are able to provide us during the terms of this agreement and its subsequent renewals.

This is a completely separate and ancillary revenue stream outside of Theater, DVD sales, Cable television, Netflix and RedBox, and we welcome you to participate in this growing revenue generating platform.




We accept content in the form of video clips, episodes, short films, full length movies and music videos.

When filling out our metadata spreadsheet you will be required to choose a category from our list that matches your content.

These categories are:

Anime & Animation, Comedy, Daytime, Documentary, Drama, Entertainment News, Espanol, Gaming, Guys, Inspirational, Kids, Movies, Music, News, Reality, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Special Events, Sports, Teens, Weather and Women’s topics.



Our partners require that you rate your content using the list that we provide you which has categories that are similar to those imposed by the Motion Picture Association of America, but with a few additional categories regarding younger audiences.

TV-Y | TV-Y7 | TV-G | TV-PG | TV-14  | TV-MA | G | PG | PG-13 | R | NC-17




We require three simple things from our clients

Your movie cover artwork

Your digital video file

Relative metadata and your synopsis of each release to be populated on our metadata spreadsheet which we will provide you.

Contingent upon our agreement; you will be granted access credentials to our secured cloud server, where we have the ability to ingest large file uploads or large cloud to cloud data transfers up to several terabytes in size.

We will provide you a detailed set of instructions regarding our upload process to eliminate any guesswork on your behalf and to enable you to walk through this process with ease.

We accept HD and SD quality videos, but HD is in higher demand from our partners. We also accept 4K video content which we distribute to Sony UHD TV’s at a premium rate via an aftermarket component that connects to the TV.

We also accept mail delivery of DVD’s and will accommodate your preferred method of delivery accordingly.




Video consumption and revenue generation on our platform is done in a manner very similar to that of digital music (i.e. streaming and direct to consumer downloading.)

This is done trough a wide variety of mobile companies, web based companies and WAP based platforms; each who utilize a different business model for how they make video content available to their end users.

As stated earlier we also distribute 4K video content to Sony UHD TV’s at a premium rate via an aftermarket component that connects to their TV’s. This content however must be filmed in native 4K.

Using the metadata and content descriptions that you provide us, we will encode your full length content.

In order to maximize your earning potential on the direct to consumer download sites we will create smaller clips of your work (between 3 to 15 minutes in length) and are created in a manner that makes sense in relation to the larger work they were derived from.

Consumption is done by browsing for content on our partners platforms as listed on the following page via direct name or keyword search.

The CPM for your content is negotiated with our streaming partners on a case by case basis at the time of delivery and D2C download prices are set with the individual providers as well.

We are constantly seeking new ways to monetize our clients video content and our reach has been expanding quickly.

Reporting is done quarterly. Our partners then allow a period of 30 days to resolve accounts. Payment is made shortly after this time frame has expired.




We will encode, manage, and deliver your content to our large and growing network of wireless partners.

We not only target growth in densely populated countries and urban centers, but we also target content delivery to developing regions because we recognize the value of growing with an with emerging digital marketplace.



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