Behavioral Advertising


Whether you are running a market campaign, launching an advertising campaign, releasing an album or running for office we will launch an online image ad campaign that will pinpoint your target consumer.

We utilize different demographics and some psychographics (IAO variables) to identify your consumers browsing history and we then refine your campaign to maximize your Click Thru Ratio (CTR).

We can launch a campaign that displays images globally, by country, state, province, city, town and even narrow it down to the zip code.

By combining overlapping tools, we will ensure that your ads are being displayed in front of the people you want to target. This type of surgical precision allows you to ensure that you get the maximum possible results out of your campaign.

We can create animated ads for you and or video ads that are clickable links back to your website or splash page.

We can assist you in tracking the traffic to your site via this campaign that you can access on your mobile device.