Clearly stated, we have the most comprehensive ringtone distribution available.

We deliver Ringtones and Ringback tones to more than 30 mobile phone companies worldwide.

We are able to place tones on many more platforms than almost all of our competitors.


How is this possible you ask?

There is a serious misconception about ringtone delivery among digital distribution companies who offer ringtone distribution.

The fact of the matter is that these distributors are ONLY delivering tones to iTunes. This means that your content is not being sold on Android phones.

This is problematic for content owners who use other distributors because Android phones have been outselling iPhones.

One of the main reasons distributors restrict their tone delivery to iTunes is because of the somewhat complicated inner workings of the wireless industry and inconsistent reporting frequencies that vary from provider to provider.

In a market where revenue streams have been adversely affected by the streaming business model, Ringtones have once again become a viable source of income for our audio distribution clients.